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1 Do Partisil HPLC Columns need an extra end fitting kit?

Partisil™ HPLC Columns are a complete column and no extra end fitting kit is required. This column has the standard compression end fittings, WCS. The Partisphere™ is a cartridge type HPLC column…

2 What is the pressure rating for PEEK HPLC fittings & PEEK Tubing?

Some HPLC PEEK Male nuts are rated up to 6000 psi with finger tight nuts. Another consideration is the burst strength of the PEEK tubing. Below is a table with the recommended ranges of PEEK tubing.

3 What type of injector to use with the 2 µL Sample Loop

The 2 µL Sample Loop (catalog # 47001-002) can be used with Rheodyne™ 9725 and 9725i sample Injectors which are suitable for a 2 µL injection volume. In addition, it is designed for use with a Rheodyne…

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