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HPLC Tips and Tricks

151 Why use TEA in ANP and HPLC methods

TEA is an organic base and hence is sometimes used in some HPLC methods to adjust the mobile phase pH. Our research has indicated that TEA may be difficult to remove from columns once introduced therefore…

152 Why you should use temperature control with the UDC-Cholesterol column

Temperature can have an effect on chromatography in general, but it becomes even more important when using the UDC-Cholesterol column. The UDC ligand is a liquid crystal, so some larger molecules interact…

153 Will "phosphate" precipitate in an HPLC column?

Phosphoric Acid will not precipitate in the columns. Sodium phosphate (which is not recommended) but which is often used as a buffer, will precipitate in the columns and should be avoided as a storage…

154 Working with ammonium acetate and LC-MS requires attention to cleaning

Ammonium acetate is a wonderful additive for LCMS for HILIC or ANP. However, be aware that even in low concentrations, the inlet source of the MS will become clogged with over time and will require cleaning.…

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