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Analyte Adsorption can happen within 15 minutes in an Autosampler Vial.

Reference Number: AA-04096 Created: 05/01/2020 04:47 PM Last Updated: 09/23/2020 03:01 PM

We have shown from previous experiments of how concentration of certain analytes can be adsorbed to glass surfaces over time which is an indicator of potential problems for the laboratory for many other analytes as well. 

In this experiment, a sample was taken in small timed increments to display the magnitude of potential sample loss due to autosampler vial surface adsorption using 5 ppm Cetylpyridinium Chloride, in both a standard market leading "Certified" Vial made with Type-33 glass and compared it to the RSA™ (reduced surface activity) Vials.  

In the chromatograms, you can observe significant peak area diminishing in the standard HPLC vials (left), in just a matter of fifteen minutes from the immediate prep and analysis, versus the peak area in RSA™ Vials (Right).

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