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Can ANP chromatography be used to retain steroids by HPLC or LCMS?

Reference Number: AA-03904 Created: 04/14/2020 12:56 PM Last Updated: 09/18/2020 04:36 PM

It always depends on the individual compounds but generally speaking ANP is best suited to compounds of a more polar nature.  In contrast, steroids as a class of compounds are mostly too hydrophobic for ANP and hence are generally poorly retained under these conditions. Reversed phase may be a more suitable chromatographic approach for retention and separation of these types of analytes.

A very good column choices in this case may include the Cogent UDC-Cholesterol™ which has proven to show excellent selectivity for steroids or the Cogent Diol™ as a good starting points. If using the UDC column, be sure that the column is thermostatted since the chromatographic properties of this stationary phase are highly temperature dependent.


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